Ensuring Perfect Color Every Time

RED HOT Technology Winner LogoThe Color Sentinel Systems In-Line Modeling Spectrophotometer (ILMS) is highly accurate, performing color measurements in line with the paper path at speeds up to 2 meters per second. These measurements are internally analyzed in real-time, providing color correction data to a variety of existing printer color management systems such as Fiery® and FreeFlow™. Printing device outputs can then be automatically corrected, assuring real color reproduction every time. This also eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming, manual external spectrophotometer measurements. Our Wave Stable™ technology requires no instrument calibration over the life of the device, eliminating down time to recalibrate while delivering unprecedented stability, accuracy and repeatability.

Inline and Portable Modeling Spectrophotometers
In addition to the In-Line Modeling Spectrophotometer, Color Sentinel Systems also offers a hand-held version that uses the same patented technology, ensuring in-line and manual color measurements are always correlated.