The Color Sentinel line of modeling photo spectrometers is available for a variety for different applications and configurable for almost any manufacturers printing systems.  Please contact Color Sentinel Systems to discuss your unique requirements.  When choosing a Color Sentinel Systems modeling photo spectrometers for your application some of the areas to consider are:

  • What brand press are you running?
  • What Color Controller are you using?
  • How many inks/toner stations does your printer use?
  • How fast does your system(s) operate? (Speeds/Feeds)
  • Do you require USB, E-Net or RS 232C/422 interfaces?
  • Where can I put this in my system?
  • What is your development, design and evaluation process to go to production?

We provide assistance to find the optimum location and tolerance for best performance and integration into the CMS and printer of choice to deliver a custom solution for your needs

To discuss these and any other questions please contact us

Color Sentinel Systems
97 Ridgeland Road
Rochester, NY  14623
855-671-9829 x222 office

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