About Us

Color Sentinel Systems is a wholly owned Subsidiary of The Appcon Group, Inc. which was founded in 1987 in Rochester, NY.  Areas of expertise include Chip, Board, Hardware, Software and Product Integration and Manufacturing as well as Hardware, Firmware and Software Development, Mechanical Design, Project Management, Product Development and Pilot Production.  The team consists of a core Engineering Team with an average of over 25 years design, development and project management experience.

Color Sentinel Systems was formed in 2012 to design, commercialize and manufacture patented modeling Spectrophotometer technology The Appcon Group had been developing under contract with Xerox ® Corporation since 2005.  This technology and products are now available to the industry exclusively through Color Sentinel Systems.

The Color Sentinel Systems Family of In Line Modeling Spectrophotometer Systems and hand held Modeling Spectrophotometer are assembled, tested and shipped from our facility in Rochester, NY USA.